The fragrances evoke the concepts of complexity and mutual influence, ecstasy and torment. With their their complex, many-sided structure they seek above all to mystify and capture the senses. 


Five floral fragrances with pure, reassuring notes, each influencing the other to create discordant harmonies and daring melodies. 

Unexpected olfactory notes that first unsettle, and then release their full impact, conquering and reconquering with their ambivalence and emotional charge. 


Luca Maffei is an up-and-coming master maître parfumeur. Young, curious and experimental, he has interpreted the complexity of this new creative challenge with flair and passion.

The collection is joined by five sophisticated candles made from pure essences and select waxes to fill interiors with the line’s contrasting fragrances.



Reader, have you ever breathed,

with rapture and a slow greed,

that grain of incense that fills a church,

or the pervasive musk of a sachet?


Profound, magical charm, with which the past

Restored, intoxicates us with its presence here!

So the lover from an adored body 

Plucks the exquisite blossom of memory. 


From her dense, resilient locks,

Living sachet, censer of the bedchamber,

Would rise a wild and savage scent,


And from her garments, of muslin or velvet,

Redolent as they are with the purity of her youth,

Arose the soft perfume of fur.



Charles Baudelaire “Perfume” from the Flowers of Evil

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